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What Our Clients Say

"My husband and I lost our beloved Rottie last October and were absolutely heartbroken. A few months after his passing, we decided to start looking for a new puppy. I began reaching out to breeders all over the country - but, it quickly became clear that not all breeders are the same. Luckily, I stumbled upon Bronx Von Bridges - and am so happy I did! After my first conversation with Angel, I immediately knew that this was the perfect fit. She was extremely responsive, attentive and so easy to talk to. You could tell she truly cared! Not only did she care about us and our story, but it was evident how much she cared for her dogs and her puppies. She would stay up all night with the puppies when they were born and make sure their momma was healthy and happy. We received frequent, consistent updates throughout the 10 week process and felt so comfortable knowing that we were in good hands. Once the pups were 8 weeks old, my husband and I made the drive from Maryland to Georgia to pick up our boy, Rollo, and meet Angel and her family. When we arrived, we were so pleased to see how nice the property and facilities were. The environment the dogs are raised in is amazing! They have a whole farm to run free and large oversized kennels. They get playtime with the family, including Angel’s young son (which we loved the fact they are socialized with children). The dogs truly are part of the Bridges’ family. Since bringing Rollo home, he has adjusted so well. I have never met a more loving and confident puppy. Not to mention, he has been so easy to train! He picks up on commands very quickly and has a great demeanor. Rollo is also developing very nicely - great build, big paws & beautiful head. He definitely keeps us on our toes and we are thankful to finally have our house feel like a home again! A big THANK YOU to Angel and family for working with us and making this process so smooth. We are so happy to have gained a new member of our family as well as a newfound friendship with the Bridges."
Gabbi Perrella-Jager
March 2021

Breaman Family

"Simply amazing temperament & personality! Completely encompasses everything a Rott should be! Smart, alert/protective (already seriously barks when strangers come to the door!), and eager to please! I had my “once-in-a-lifetime” pup 20 years ago, and many Rotts ago....never thought I’d find another-but I have in this pup! Bronx von Bridges provided exemplary love, care and great communication! I couldn’t have asked for a better start for my little man! They truly care about their animals! I would absolutely recommend them!"

Karie Breaman

Clay Family - SC

“From the first time I contacted Angel, she was extremely responsive and helpful and kept me updated with info and pictures throughout the entire process. She has curated some amazing bloodlines for their breeding program and it is evident in the puppies they produce. I could not be happier with my 4 month old, Bruce. He is a big, healthy, handsome boy with a confident, calm, and affectionate personality. If you are looking to add a beautiful Rottweiler puppy to your family, I would highly recommend Bronx von Bridges!”

Clay - SC

Dec 2021

Witherspoon Family - AL

"My family and I purchased a male German Rottweiler from Angel in July 2020.  My husband located her on the AKC breeders’ website.  We obtained her contact information and she responded right away.  The dog deposit was an easy transaction. She was very understanding and helpful with providing the all the information while we were on vacation.  We were updated almost weekly on the puppies’ process and growth.  She even went as far as sending pictures to us. Angel provided us with a date to come to her farm and pic out our puppy.  When we arrived she graciously greeted us and took us inside. The area was clean and the puppies were inside proper crates.  All puppies appeared to be in good health and active.  Puppies were separated from puppies that were already sold.  The mother was located on the property.  We were able to meet some of the older dog from another litter of the mom.  The dog had a nice sold block head with great marking and coat.  When the puppies reached 7 ½ weeks, we were contacted to established a pick up date.  Once our date arrived, we picked up our wonderful puppy.  She provided us helpful information.  We have kept in contact with Angel since purchasing the puppy.  We send her updates on his progress.  Our puppy is loving, great with all of the kids, displays great intelligence and has started to become territorial (not in a bad way). Drako has grown into a massive puppy at 18 weeks he was 46lbs.  His head is blockish and great mahogany markings on his body.  His coat is a nice glossy black with slight wave down his back.  We absolutely love our new family member and would highly recommend purchasing from Angel"
Kolowa Witherspoon
Aug 2020

Villanueva Family, NV

Buying a puppy from Angel was such a great experience, she made us feel so comfortable and welcomed. She is so nice, honest and trustworthy and she answered any questions we had. You can instantly tell that she truly does care about her dogs and puts hard work into breeding, she is on top of everything there was no worries at all she took care of everything from the puppy’s needs all the way to bringing the little guy home to me. She has amazing dogs with great temperaments and produce real high quality healthy puppies. I recently just got my little pup from her and he is the healthiest, happiest dog so playful and loving. We took him to the vet after he arrived and the vet said “he has an excellent bill of health, what a beautiful puppy he is” We are forever thankful of Angel and would 100% recommend her to anybody looking for a Rottweiler puppy, and I definitely would go to her again for another one of her amazing pups, She has my full trust. Again thank you Angel for everything we are so happy with our little boy."

Rosa Villanueva

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