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Pia Von Steinhausen

Multi V-1 Rated, Youth Champion,& , Youth Siegerin Best of Breed
(Multi World Champion - Negro Saetta Negri Rott & Galina Terezsky Dvur)
HD - A/ED - 2

JLPP Negative
Heart Echo Clear

Introducing Pia, the delightful addition to our family at Bronx Von Bridges Rottweilers. We feel fortunate to have this amazing girl with us. Pia possesses the sweetest and friendliest personality, making her one of the most endearing dogs we've had the pleasure of welcoming into our home. Her conformation and substance are unparalleled, reflecting the high standards we uphold.

Pia's pedigree speaks volumes, but she has gone above and beyond by proving herself in the show ring. Achieving the titles of Youth Champion, Multi V1 rated, Youth Siegerin, and Best of Breed, Pia stands out as a true champion. Her success in the show ring is a testament to her exceptional qualities and adherence to breed standards.

Our excitement for Pia doesn't end with her show achievements – we eagerly anticipate the next chapter. As we continue to showcase her, we look forward to seeing what she will produce for us in the coming year. Pia is not just a remarkable individual; she represents the promise of excellence and the bright future of our breeding program.

Pia winning show
Pia winning show
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