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Brooks Von Bridges

(Multi Champion - Romeo Von Engleblick & Bella Crni Vitez 
HD - A/ED - 0

JLPP Negative
Heart Echo Clear

Meet Brooks, a truly special member of our Rottweiler family at Bronx Von Bridges. This sweet, beautiful, and confident girl embodies the legacy of her mom, Bella Crni Vitez, whom we imported from Europe in September 2019. Brooks is a testament to the continuation of Bella's exceptional lines, with the influence of Romeo von Engleblick in her breeding.

Brooks is more than just a stunning Rottweiler; she is a unique individual with an adoring personality and unmatched confidence. Her love for her family is evident in every interaction, and she takes on the role of a devoted protector with unwavering commitment. Brooks stands out as a dog like no other, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts.

With some of the top lines from Europe, Brooks is set to continue her mom's legacy within our kennel. Her presence adds a new chapter to the story of Bella's lines, and we can't express enough how much we value and adore this exceptional girl. Brooks is not just a dog; she is a cherished companion and a carrier of the rich heritage that defines Bronx Von Bridges Rottweilers.

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