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Brystyl Von Bridges

(Multi V-1 Rated & Junior Champion of Serbia Harry Crni Vitez & Brooks Von Bridges 

JLPP Negative
Heart Echo Clear

Meet Brystyl, a delightful culmination of the beloved lines from Brooks and Harry at Bronx Von Bridges Rottweilers. As a product of these cherished parents, she embodies the qualities that make her mama and daddy so special. Brystyl is the third generation within our kennel, representing a legacy that holds a special place in our hearts and program.

At just 2 years old, Brystyl already exudes a love for adventures, capturing the spirit of exploration and excitement. She is a testament to the commitment we have to preserving and cherishing these exceptional lines.


Brystyl is more than a dog; she is a symbol of loyalty and love, mirroring the wonderful qualities of her parents. Always by our side, much like her mom, Brystyl has become an integral part of our family, embodying the values and traits that define Bronx Von Bridges Rottweilers.

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