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Galina Terezsky Dvur
**Galina is up for adoption - Free - to an approved home**
She is housebroken, crate-trained, and just a really sweet girl who loves everyone. 

(CH World Winner Michael Corleone Von Hause Leroy X Tara Terezsky Dvur)
HD - B/ED - 0

JLPP Clear
Heart Echo Clear

Meet Galina, imported from Serbia in 2021, she is an absolute sweetheart. Her conformation and temperament stand as a testament to her outstanding qualities, setting her apart as a remarkable individual. Galina has proven to be not just a loving and sweet girl but also an exceptional mother, passing on her outstanding traits to her puppies.

Galina's warm and affectionate nature makes her a favorite, always ready for attention and eager to embark on any adventure that comes her way. Her versatility and amiable disposition contribute to the joy she brings to our kennel.

Adding to Galina's charm is her role as the mother to Pia, a shining star in the show ring. Pia's achievements, including Multi V1 rated, Youth Siegerin, and Best of Breed, highlight the exceptional lineage that Galina contributes to our breeding program. We are thrilled to have Galina's lines as part of our kennel, enhancing the legacy of excellence and adding another layer of brilliance to our Rottweiler family.

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